Monday, December 29, 2008

10 Tips for Unpacking Your "Baggage" - Tips #6 & #7

Tip #6: Forgive...and maybe even Forget

Forgiveness...I know, I know, this is way easier said than done. I too have had times in the past where I dug my heels in and refused to let go of a grudge. Whether it is a simple issue or a big issue, the energy it takes to keep your heels dug in on a grudge is draining and takes up mental "baggage" space in your life. Forgiving does not mean that everything goes back to normal with who ever the person was that you had the issue with. It just means that you're resolving to mentally "put a period" to the issue and start a new sentence. You may not forget and you may not go back to clinking cocoa mugs with this person again, but you can let go of the negative feelings you have towards them. Negative feelings and emotions towards others is unnecessary baggage to carry around. Leave it curbside people.

Tip #7: Help a Self-Help Book!

If you find yourself repeatedly "unpacking" and "repacking" the same mental/emotional "baggage", then perhaps you may need some reinforcement. Self-help books are a good resource when you need a cognitive process to help you out of your rut or perhaps a better understanding of the rut you are in. There are tons, and I do mean tons, of them out there. So I took the liberty of finding a few sites that have organized the books by typical issues. I also listed below a few other resources that you may find useful. Read your way to a better you!

*Books Organized by Common "issues" - Scroll to the bottom of the page

*The Artists Way - This is a "new-agey" type book about rediscovering your creative self

*Best Selling Self-Help Books - Gives a brief overview of each book

*A New Earth - A challenging & insightful read about how to recognize and let go of your "ego"