Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pop Topics…A break from my norm

Jesse Jackson: Hi Hater!

Carl Jung, or even Sigmund Freud for that matter would be having a field day with the gross display of untamed ego that Jesse Jackson let loose from his mouth this week about Barack Obama. I had to watch the footage twice on you tube to make sure I heard him correctly. Surely this established, civil rights activist and semi-pied piper of issues facing the urban less fortunate did not just say he wanted to cut the n**$% off of the eventual democratic nominee for president? On the “deplorable statements made in the press” scale, this clearly ranks up there with the belligerent remarks of Imus. Primarily because it’s an illustration of the proverbial crabs in a barrel scenario that all too often rears its clichéd head in the black community. At the end of the day, Jesse’s comments are a reflection of his own unhealthy ego and insecurity seeking to heal itself through the degradation of another. Sad considering the fact that he was speaking about the very someone who personifies all that Jesse’s activism career has been striving to realize. I always say, words are the one thing that no matter how much you apologize for them, you just can’t take them back. So, watch what you say folks.