Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 25-35 Box: Keep Your “Two Cents”

It seems like forever ago when I was first eligible to check the 25-35 age box. I remember thinking I don’t feel any different now that I’m “older”. But lately, I’ve been in reflection mode and came to the realization that several elements about life have changed, when I wasn’t looking. One in particular is the practice of giving out your two cents to your friends. Once upon a time, giving your two cents to your friends about their love life and daily decisions was expected if not solicited. A day out with the girls (or guys) seemed to always be peppered with ER style triage sessions of “advice giving” and “judgment slinging” followed by a chorus of whatever the latest “girl you don’t need him” song was. What’s funny is that those sessions seemed to always eventually end with the “patient” doing the exact opposite of the advice they were given. It’s as if the morphine high of confidence wore off leaving the friend to follow their own heart/mind. That brings me back to the 25-35 age box. It seems that at this age, we’ve finally grown exhausted from resuscitating the same issues with our friends. Not only have we grown exhausted…we’ve grown up. So does growing up mean we no longer care to triage our friends through their issues? I’d say no. It just means we should find ourselves being more supportive and less judgmental. My motto these days is, “you like it...I love it!” Feel free to use it.