Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Do Men have an Instinct to Cheat?

I was listening to the radio on my way to work this morning when I caught an hour segment dedicated to relationships. The on-air personality asked listeners to call in and talk about why relationships don't seem to be working out these days. So a male listener called in and after hearing what he had to say I was ready to call the station myself! Basically what he said is that the reason relationships are not "working out" these days is because women don't know how to stand by their man after their man has cheated. He went on to say that men have been this way for years and will continue to cheat because it's a man's instinct to do so. Furthermore, women need to accept this fact, stand by our man and/or change the behavior that caused him to go out and cheat in the first place.

Where do I begin? There's not enough "blog" in the world to tackle this topic! Loosely defined, an instinct is an inherent disposition toward a particular behavior when prompted by stimuli. If you leave the definition here, it would certainly serve to support the above statement made by the radio caller. But the truth of the matter is, there is one thing that can override instinct, which separates us from animals...INTELLECT! We have the ability to reason and use intellect to determine if we should act on our disposition.

So back to the question, "Do Men have an Instinct to Cheat?" my answer is no. Cheating, although prompted by a stimuli, is the act of deciding to throw caution to the wind and be unfaithful to your partner. There may be several reasons/excuses why a man chooses to cheat (some of them may even be debateably good ones) but the fact of the matter is, it's just down right wrong and not to mention selfish.

This goes out to all men and women: If you haven't yet met the person who makes you want to exercise intellect & self control when faced with the stimuli of someone shiny and new, then keep it moving! Handle your issues, date openly/responsibly and be honest with the people you're dating. And please, please, please...for the love of all that's green...don't get into a relationship until you're truly ready.