Friday, January 12, 2007

Baggage...Get it Down to Carry-on Size!

When it comes to relationships, I always say that no one can single-handedly sink a relationship and conversely, no one can single-handedly make it succeed. Yet, when relationships go awry, the first thing some people tend to do is ask themselves, "what did I do wrong?" So if this is any consolation, let me start by saying, it wasn't all YOUR fault. Nine times out of ten it was the result of a collision of baggage!

We all show up to our relationships with baggage. Baggage is basically the sum total and by-product of all the experiences we've had in our lives. The challenge of the relationship is to navigate through that baggage and form a loving, committed, mutually respectful, supportive and compatible bond. So the question is, how much baggage do you have and how is it impacting your ability to form healthy relationships? Think about it for a second...are you bringing your over sized skis, extra heavy suitcase with the duct tape on it and the clothes spilling out the sides? Or maybe you have so much that you showed up to the relationship with a Uhaul truck and some movers?!

To All Men and Women, my philosophy is this, get your baggage down to carry on size! If the issues you're bringing into your relationship can't figuratively fit underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin, then you have some introspection to do. A little baggage is normal, but more than that spells trouble. So before you get into your next relationship, do a little unpacking....
(look for upcoming tips on how to "unpack" your baggage)