Saturday, February 09, 2008

The New Year's Rut: Get In the Race!

2008 rang in with a bang! You read my “Year of the Arrival” post, you recommitted yourself to your list of resolutions, and overall you just felt that this year is going to be a better year for you. Next thing you knew, you looked up and it’s February and you’re still at the starting blocks watching everyone else run the race. Here are a few quick tips to get you going if you’re stuck in the New Year’s Rut:

Creative Visualization – This is a short, easy read by author, Shakti Gawain. It basically talks you through the power of day dreaming. It provides simple strategies to realize the results you want in your life by visualizing them. Seriously, it works…

Feng Shui- The art of feng shui is truly amazing. Simply put, it’s about the placement and presentation of objects in your space (i.e. home, office, etc.) for the purpose of maximizing the flow of chi or positive energy in your life. I recommend Feng Shui for the Soul by Denise Linn.

Physical Activity- Really any physical activity will do. I prefer taking a dance class or some sort of sport. The point is to create momentum in your life by getting your body moving.

Check out a Friend- Go visit a friend of yours who “has it together”. Hang out in their space with them. Sometimes just seeing someone else “making moves” is enough to get you energized again. Let them inspire you to be your best self.

Break it Down- If you have a myriad of things on your plate, don’t try to tackle the whole pile. Categorize the things you have to do and then begin to tackle your list one category at a time.