Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reality Series: Starring You!

Reality series…today’s guilty pleasure of choice. They’re like a train wreck that you can’t help but watch (even if it means peeking through your fingers). Lately, it seems they’ve sprung up like annoying crab grass or an itchy rash. From Real World and Flava of Love to Kimora’s Life in the Fab Lane and The Hills, it’s like one ode to voyeurism after another. Which brings me to today’s topic…self reflection.
If you were given the opportunity to star in your own reality series, what would it showcase? Would people be tuning in to cheer you on as you took the world by storm and pursued your dreams? Or would they be clutching their sides and nursing a cheek ache laughing at your numerous follies? Or maybe they would be shaking their heads with pity as they watched you spiral your life into a pit of misery? (okay, I’m being a bit dramatic). The point being, if you’re thinking right now, “thank God my life isn’t a reality show!”, then why not take this time to do a little self reflection and course correct where necessary. Ask yourself these questions:
1) Am I doing the job that I’ve always wanted to do, that utilizes my skills and taps into my true passion?
2) Is my personal life where I’d like for it to be?
3) When I pass the mirror in the morning, is my physical self pleasing to me?
4) Are my finances in order and not a source of stress in my life?
5) If someone showed up unannounced, would I be floundering to pull myself and my home together?
6) Am I generally in a positive mood more often than not?
7) Am I hanging on to some old baggage that’s weighing me down?

To All Men and Women: No one’s life is perfect but it also doesn’t have to be a complete drag. Take time to reflect on where you are in all aspects of your life. If something is off, start taking the steps to course correct. It’s never too late to pursue a new career, get in shape, forgive that person or learn a new skill. Your reality series is starring you! So be courageous, work on you and get ready for your close up!