Sunday, October 29, 2006


So okay...I'm a shrink with a passion for engaging others in meaningful conversation and introspection for the purpose of learning and self-acceptance. We're all works in progress either blissfully billowing through life or being dreadfully dragged through each day...Or maybe you're somewhere in between. Wherever you are, this blogspot is designed to reaffirm that: 1) Nobody's perfect, 2) How you feel is valid and 3) You don't have to keep curling up with your "baggage" at night anymore...It's time for you to whittle it down, drop it off, reflect on your life, learn from your life and bask in all the perfectly imperfect shining glory that is YOU!

Now please understand, this is not meant to be counseling by any stretch of the imagination as the counseling process is much more indepth. But you can think of this as sidewalk, common sense commentary for the therapeutically opposed....Enjoy!